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Resources for YouTube & Content Creators

Are you an influencer, YouTuber, video creator, Tiktoker, or content creator looking for free creator tools and resources to take your content to the next level?

Thematic’s Creator Toolkit is the best place to find resources on creating content – including thumbnail and channel art templates, best practices, and of course, great royalty free songs to use in your videos for free with Thematic.

Tutorials & Guides

Find the ultimate tutorials and guides on how to start and grow a YouTube channel, optimize your videos, and take your creator career to the next level 📈
How To Start A YouTube Channel

How to Start a YouTube Channel

The ultimate guide on how to start a YouTube channel in 2022! Get the best insider pro tips and tricks to launch your YouTube channel.

How to Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO

How to Optimize YouTube Videos

The ultimate guide on how to optimize YouTube videos for the search and discovery algorithm. Get the best SEO insider pro tips and tricks!

How To Create A YouTube Channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Are you ready to create a Brand Account and start a YouTube channel? Find out how to create a YouTube channel in just a few minutes.

How to Create a YouTube Brand Account

How to Create a Brand Account

Find out how to create a brand account on YouTube. This type of account will allow multiple people to have access to the channel without sharing passwords.

How To Add Music in iMovie

How to Add Music into iMovie

Want to learn how to add music and songs to iMovie? It takes just a few minutes! Find out how to easily add songs to your iMovie project.

Editing Tools

Get access to the best editing tools for YouTube and photos ✌️ From the best free tools for video editing to the top free aesthetic photo editing apps and filters, we’ve got you covered.
The Best Free Tools to Get Started on YouTube

Best Free Tools for YouTube Creators

Looking for the best free tools for YouTube creators? Or to get started on YouTube and build your YouTube channel? Dig into our guide for all of the best tools for creators.

The Best Free Photo Editing Apps & Tools for Aesthetic Pictures

Best Free Photo Apps & Tools for Aesthetic Pictures

Looking for the best free photo editing apps and tools for aesthetic pictures or an aesthetic Instagram feed? You’ve come to the right place!

Thematic Sound Effects (SFX)

Royalty Free Sound Effects (SFX)

Spice up your videos with must-have vlogger SFX packs. All sound effects are royalty-free and copyright-free ✌️ Shop the best Sound Effects for YouTube videos

Knowledge & Best Practices

Empower yourself with knowledge 💫 Learn about best practices for creating on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, the basics of copyright claims and royalty free music, and where to get the latest and great creator economy industry news.

Thematic: What is Royalty Free Music?

Intro to Royalty Free Music Guide

Everything you need to know about Royalty Free Music! Is it free to use? Is it the same as no copyright music? What kind of music is royalty free? Get all the details in our post.

Music, the secret behind growing a YouTube audience

The secret behind growing a YouTube audience

Using music in your videos is a powerful tactic in growing a YouTube audience. It’s the secret to taking your channel to the next level.

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The leading source for online video, YouTube news and coverage of the world of online video entertainment.

YouTube Copyright Claim

YouTube Copyright Claims Guide

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Copyright Claims! Find out how to fix a copyright claim on YouTube and see how it affects your views, watch time, or channel monetization.

YouTube Audio Library vs Thematic

YouTube Audio Library vs Thematic

Which royalty free music site is the best? Let’s review YouTube Audio Library and Thematic – two of the most popular sites to get free music for YouTube videos.

YouTube Creator Academy

YouTube Creator Academy

The official guide from YouTube on how to grow your audience and stay in the know on all things YouTube.

How Copyright Works on YouTube

How Copyright Works on YouTube

Everything you ever wanted to know about How Copyright Works on YouTube, from common copyright myths to how to create safely for a copyright-free experience.

Differences between Thematic and Epidemic Sound

Compare Thematic and Epidemic Sound

Explore the differences between Thematic and Epidemic Sound – two popular platforms for creators to find music for YouTube videos.

Best Practices for Facebook and Instagram

Facebook & Instagram Best Practices

The official guide on the best practices for posting on Facebook & Instagram.

Social Media Templates

Save yourself time with pre-made social media templates ✅
YouTube Thumbnail Template Example (PSD)

YouTube Thumbnail Template (PSD)

Set your YouTube video up for success with a perfectly formatted YouTube Thumbnail. Download our Photoshop template, fit with the ideal dimensions for YouTube thumbnails.