How to Create A Brand Account on YouTube

Learn how to create a new Google Brand Account on YouTube and start a YouTube channel in minutes. Our guide walks you through each step!

Written By Thematic Team

On September 30, 2023

Create a Google Brand Account and start a YouTube channel in a few easy steps. It’ll take only a couple minutes. Let’s walk you through it!

What is a Google Brand Account?

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Brand Account

First, sign-in to the Google account of your choice. This account will become the ‘owner’ of your Brand Account and YouTube channel so keep this in mind when selecting the Google account you would like to use.

Sign in to google account

Next, navigate to

👉 Pro tip: Another way to access this page is by going to and clicking your profile photo in the top right-hand corner. Then select Switch Account from the drop-down menu and click on View All Channels.

*If you are logged in to multiple Google accounts, please make sure that you select your preferred Google account from the top right-hand user drop-down menu.

On this page, you will see all of the YouTube channels that you already have connected to your Google account. You can create a new brand account right from this page.

To create a new Brand Account, click the box that says Create a a channel.

Create a new youtube channel

You will be asked to Create your channel name. This is where you will name your Brand Account (you can change this later if you need to). Once you’ve entered your name and accepted the terms by clicking the checkbox, click Create to finish the channel setup.

Create your channel name for your new youtube brand account

That’s it! You’re on your way to officially launching your new YouTube channel! Get the ultimate guide on how to start a YouTube channel here.

👉 Pro tip: We recommend customizing your new YouTube channel with your preferred upload settings, profile photo and channel art, social links, and description before uploading your content. This will help to establish your YouTube brand identity.

We hope you find this guide on how to create a Brand Account on YouTube helpful. You’re on your way to launching your YouTube channel and we can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

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