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    Top 10 Royalty-Free Songs for Podcasts 🎵

    Discover and download the top 10 royalty-free and trending songs to use in your podcasts as intros, bumpers, theme songs, and background tracks.

    it's murph - Food for the Soul

    it’s murph – Food for the Soul

    A bold, energetic house track with builds that work well for transitions or intros. Great for pop culture and self-help podcasts!

    Listen here

    ystr - Serene

    ystr – Serene

    This haunting, synth driven song will help unravel the mysteries of true crime podcasts with ease!

    Listen here

    Andres Jacque - Dark Waves

    Andres Jack – Dark Waves

    Dial up the suspense with this anxiety inducing piano track perfect for true crime podcasts!

    Listen here

    Aerbeatz - Pandas in Suits

    Aerbeatz – Pandas in Suits

    This fun, electronic track keeps the energy up and helps to drive dialogue or works as a great intro cue for sports or pop culture podcasts!

    Listen here

    Mr. Jello - A Love Note

    Mr. Jello – A Love Note

    A chill, jazzy lo-fi track perfect for self help podcasts! In fact, most songs by Mr. Jello would be greate to complement your podcast episodes.

    Listen here

    Mark Generous - Star White

    Mark Generous – Star White

    A bright, optimistic lo-fi song that would complement self-help podcasts and transitions!

    Listen here

    The Hidden - So Close to the Sea

    The Hidden – So Close to the Sea

    A dreamy, percussive lo-fi track ideal for pop culture and self-help podcasts!

    Listen here

    SIIMBA - Outro

    SIIMBA – Outro

    This satisfying, tech-forward song pairs well with innovative business or tech related podcasts!

    Listen here

    Air for Effect - East 75

    Air for Effect – East 75

    A quietly building, modern underscore track great for tech or business podcasts!

    Listen here

    yesitschris - REVIVE

    yesitschris – REVIVE

    This hard-hitting, hip-hop instrumental is the perfect soundtrack for sports podcasts!

    Listen here

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    How to Use Thematic for Podcasts 💫

    Thematic makes it easy to get trending copyright-safe music for all of your podcast episodes, YouTube videos, and social media videos.

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    Using Music in Podcasts FAQs 📌

    Let’s answer all of your frequently asked questions about using music in podcasts!

    Do I have to be concerned about copyright claims when using music on my podcast?
    Yes! Just like for YouTube videos or other social media content, creators need to have valid licenses for the music featured in their podcasts. Otherwise, the podcast episodes may be at risk of receiving copyright claims or takedowns.
    Do I have to pay royalties for using music on my podcast?

    When using royalty-free music in your podcast episodes, you will not need to worry about paying royalties for the songs used. You can learn more about royalty-free music in our guide here.

    Can I use the same songs in my podcast and in YouTube without copyright claims?

    If using Thematic for your podcast music, you can definitely use the same songs in both your podcast and YouTube videos without copyright claims! Songs from Thematic are safe for all creator platforms (including YouTube) so you can create your content worry-free.

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