What is Royalty Free Music?
So what is royalty free music?

Let’s dig into royalty free music!

Have you ever found the perfect music to accompany your YouTube video, only to find out that you have to pay a lot for it? 😢

For many YouTube content creators, this is an all-too-common experience. 😩 Especially for those who are just starting out, it’s hard to grow your channel when you have to pay for music from the start.

But what if I told you there’s a certain kind of music that you don’t have to pay for to use? 🌝 Sounds ridiculous, right? 

But it’s true! And that’s where royalty free music comes in!

By using music that is royalty free, creators are free to put in the kind of music that fits their YouTube videos the most without worrying about payment.

For you, that means you can focus on putting out the best videos that can increase your channel’s growth without worrying about how much you have to pay.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about royalty free music – from what royalty free means to some of the common misconceptions about royalty free music to the easiest way to get find and use this music in your YouTube videos 👇

Royalty Free is Not Really Free… But You Won’t Be the One Paying the Royalties 💰

People tend to confuse royalty free with “copyright free.” While copyright free means that nobody owns the rights to the song, royalty free still means that someone owns the song.

Technically speaking, the definition of royalty free means that a copyrighted song, image, or other item can be used without paying for the right to use it.

Usually, the amount of royalties depends on things like the number of times the music will be played and the size of the audience that will hear it (like in concerts or radio broadcasts).

But with royalty free music, someone just has to pay the copyright owner once, and the music can be used as much as the user wants to.

Wait, didn’t we say that you don’t have to pay for royalty free music? 🤔

That’s right. You, the user, do not have to shell out any money to pay for the music. But the company you purchased or got the license from will be the one to shoulder those costs.

That means when you sign up for a website that allows you to use royalty free music, you really are free to use the available music.

There is a difference between royalties and copyright. It is hard to blame people for confusing the two terms, especially with the word “free” in both of them.

At least in music, copyright is the right of the music owner to choose who can use their music. If someone else wants to play or even listen to their music, they have to pay royalties.

Royalties are the money that a copyright owner receives from people who benefit from the music they make. 

A copyright owner can choose to make his music royalty free, but it doesn’t mean that the music is no longer covered by copyright.

Just like saying that something is tax-free, it does not mean that the thing itself is already free. You still have to pay for the product and other fees, only the tax is free.

In the case of royalty free music, only the royalties are free. But the copyright is still there.

Royalty Free Music Does Not Mean Cheap or Poor Quality Music 🚫

You might think that not paying royalties for music means that the music you are getting is low quality.

After all, if the music is really that good, then the copyright owner should be charging hundreds of dollars for it, right?

Not exactly.

Being royalty free has nothing to do with the quality of the music you are getting. It is simply about the licensing model of the music. Royalty free music can go for as low as $30 or even as high as $500. 

Royalty free music can be expensive as well. It just really depends on how you are getting it and where you are getting it from.

It just so happens that royalty free music is relatively cheaper and more affordable for most people.

But in fact, there are plenty of high-quality royalty free song options out there. It is all about finding the perfect fit for your YouTube videos 🔮

Websites Like Thematic Give You Access to An Entire Catalogue of Music… for Free ✅

If you are a YouTube creator struggling to look for music, Thematic offers an entire selection of royalty free music for you to use 😎

Creator Socially Nina Thomas shows how she uses Thematic to get great music for her YouTube videos

You can use the music forever, worldwide, and no matter how many (or few) followers you have. You can even use the music in sponsored or branded content with no problems! 

Thematic also has paid premium features for those who want more creator tools from the platform, but their core features will always be free.

For those of you who have a hard time finding good music that matches your YouTube video, that’s not a problem. Thematic curates music by content type and theme, you’ll spend less time searching for that perfect song and more time creating.

So to recap…

Copyright and royalties have become some of the biggest hurdles for YouTube creators because they create a situation where you need money to make money.

It feels even worse when your video has already gathered thousands of views, only to be stricken down by a copyright claim that you did not think would happen 🌩

Thankfully, royalty free music presents a solution that can work out for content creators.

With Thematic, you get to use a wide selection of songs from the best new music artists. And you no longer have to worry about copyright claims, disputes, or strikes against your videos.

Creating an account on Thematic is free and you get to keep 100% of your ad revenue with our claim-free experience. If all this has gotten you interested in creating video content with some great music, get started today! It’s simple, it’s safe, and it’s free 💪

Looking for more creator tools and resources? Visit Thematic’s Creator Toolkit for additional resources on creating content – including thumbnail and channel art templates, best practices, and of course, great royalty free songs to use in your videos for free with Thematic.