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Tired of sending emails to creators in hopes of having your music featured in their videos? Our proprietary curation algorithm gets your songs in front of the right creators.

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Getting your music promoted couldn’t be easier through our vast creator and influencer network. And the good news is, your songs will be discovered by new audiences… for free.

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We make sure you know how and where your songs are being featured and provide you with key insights about the communities connecting with your music.

Thematic is a new way to get your music heard.

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How It Works:

1. Sign-up

Sign-up for a free artist profile using a Google account and fill in your profile with social links and photos.

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Submit the songs you would like to promote
(Our artist team will be in touch if your songs are approved)

3. Get Promoted

Check your artist dashboard to see your performance metrics as new fans discover your music

Artists Love Using Thematic

“Nothing has been more monumental in the consistent and steady growth of my listeners, followers, viewership, and engagement quite like Thematic. Since joining, my fan base has nearly tripled in one year. I am extremely thankful for this platform, it has been a dream come true for an independent artist like me!”

Madeline Lauer, Singer/Songwriter

“Thematic is the best platform for any independent artist. I vouch for them more than any other platform. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the love and support from the Thematic team and the community of artists and creators!”

ninjoi., Lofi Artist

“I appreciate Thematic so much because priority is on the artist’s identity rather than their brand; credits are always formatted with the artist name + track title, then a link to a landing to stream/buy the song (or use it in your own videos!!). So good”

Singto Conley, Ambient/Electronic Music Producer

“I’m an indie artist and a creator, so I love that thematic not only allows me to showcase my music to my peers for their creative use, but also allows me to do the same for my artist friends!”

La Hara, R&B Artist

“Much love to Michelle Phan and Thematic for getting my music into the hands of some amazing creators.”

Ryan Little, Music Producer

“As an indie artist, it can be really hard to have your music reach new audiences organically. I found Thematic to be a great way to get my music out through the power of digital creators, and I have also made new friends along the way.”

Elli Moore, Singer/Songwriter

“Over a year ago my buddy Snxxz3 told me to try out Thematic because he thought my music would be a good fit for it. I was nervous at first cause I didnt think people would want to use my stuff but I decided to go for it. Fast forward and I have been connecting with numerous content creators through my music.”

DJ GONZ, DJ/Producer

“I’ve been blown away by using it so far! Clearly Thematic works!”

Carter Vail, Indie Artist

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