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Soundtrack Your Aesthetic

Thematic has always made it easy for creators to soundtrack their personal aesthetic and create aesthetic YouTube videos – by matching music to your personal style and vibe.

Many creators find Thematic to be the best site to get aesthetic music for YouTube videos ✌️ Aesthetic music has a chill, relaxing vibe that is the perfect complement for creative activities, such as cleaning, painting, drawing, studying, or just relaxing.

 Michelle Phan helped drive the popularity of aesthetic music when she launched her 24/7 Magic Hour Radio playlist in summer 2019. This playlist featured songs and artists from Thematic that embodied the aesthetic vibe, including artists such as Fiji Blue, Ashton Edminster, ninjoi, and VALNTN, to name a few.

 Aesthetics have only grown in popularity since then. It is defined as “the thematic expression of visual and musical tastes as a representation of self” and today there are aesthetics to match everyone’s personal vibe – from Y2K and Baddie to Cottagecore and Vaporwave.

Thematic - Soundtrack Your Aesthetic

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