How Thematic Works

Here’s how to use Thematic to get free royalty free music for your YouTube videos:

1. Sign-Up

Sign-up for a free Thematic creator account. It’s as simple as signing-in with your Google account.

2. Add Your Accounts

Add the YouTube channels where you’re uploading videos so we can learn about the content you’re creating.

Make sure to select a YouTube brand account (and not your email address). 😜

3. Discover Music!

Our curation algorithm provides you with song recommendations, personalized just for you.

Thematic: Music for YouTube Videos
  • Click an album image to play a song
  • Save songs & curate your own playlists by adding songs to projects
  • Browse featured selections on the homepage
  • Search and filter for something specific on the Discover tab

4. Download & Edit

Now that you’ve found that perfect song, hit the download button on the music player (the downward-facing arrow) and import the song into the video editing software of your choice.

*Please make sure you do not have a pop-up blocker enabled!

How to credit the artists on Thematic

5. Ready to Publish Your Video?

Copy the license link for each song you used in your video and paste them into your video description. You can find all of your license links by going on the Licenses ✅ page in your Thematic account.

Use the link next to the YouTube icon for YouTube videos, and the credit next to the Instagram icon for Instagram videos.

Ready to get started?

What does the Thematic music license cover? 👍

So long as you have connected your channels & have your song promo links included in your video description:

✅ Worldwide, perpetual rights to use the song in your video for as long as it is public

✅ Unlimited videos – you can feature the songs in as many videos as you like (no limit) while the song is available on Thematic

✅ You can adjust the start/stop points of the song to match the edit of your video

✅ Unlimited followers – if you’re just getting started, or already have an active channel, you’re welcome to use Thematic

✅ Unlimited views – more views, no problem! Don’t worry about getting more coverage if your video takes off

✅ Sponsored or branded content – congrats on your integration! You’re welcome to use the music for these videos (just remember your song promo links and to check your brand agreement!)

✅ YouTube & Instagram videos (more platforms coming soon!)

The following is not allowed and may result in a copyright claim 👎

🚫 You can not use the music in audio-only videos (such as lyric videos, playlist videos, visualizers, or similar audio-only content)

🚫 You can not use someone else’s promo link (please only use your own promo links from your Downloads page)

🚫 You can not remix the song or make any derivative works (duh!)

🚫 You can not sell, distribute, or sub-license the song

🚫 You can not use the song on platforms other than YouTube & Instagram at this time

Want all the info? Check out our full Creator Agreement.

Thematic FAQs 🤔

❓Is the music on Thematic copyright-free?
Not exactly. Thematic works with real artists who own the copyrights for their songs. So long as you follow our license rules above, you will not be claimed for usage of the music.

❓Is this all stock / production music?
Nope! All of the music available on Thematic is provided by active music artists who are on social media, streaming services, and making a living doing what they love!

❓Is Thematic free to use?
You bet! Any creator can start using Thematic absolutely free of charge. Here are all the core features we offer for free. We do have premium paid features available to help fast-track and enhance your creative experience.

❓Do I need to have a minimum number of followers to use Thematic?
No way! We love providing great music selections to creators of all sizes.

❓Is the music on Thematic royalty-free?
Technically, yes. Royalty-free music is simply music you can use without having to pay royalties each time you use it. Since Thematic is free to use, you just need to include your unique promo link each time you use the song to activate your music license.

❓I found this song from a ‘no copyright’ video on YouTube and gave credit, isn’t that enough?
Sorry, but no. Simply copying someone else’s credit to your video description does not grant you a license and will not clear the song for your video. To get your own music license for the song, sign-up for your own Thematic account and use the songs worry-free!

Have more questions? Check out our Help Center.