Best Free Lofi Music for YouTube Videos (Copyright Free)

Discover & download the best free lofi music for videos - the perfect chill playlist for studying & relaxing. Use these songs copyright free on YouTube.

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On August 24, 2023

Discover the best free lofi music and songs for YouTube videos

Thematic Music: Lofi Songs Playlist

We’ve compiled a list of the best free lofi music and chill songs that you can use royalty free in YouTube videos. These chill and relaxing hip hop beats are the perfect vibe for studying or relaxing. Whether you’re looking for background music for a vlog or as the soundtrack for your study with me video on YouTube, this playlist has all the songs you’ll need.

You can use these trending lofi songs in videos copyright-free on YouTube, Instagram Reels, and social media when using Thematic. Sign-up for a free Thematic account here to download these songs for free.

Let’s dive in to the best lofi music playlist:

"Lofi Rain" from Nowyouknow

Nowyouknow – “Lofi Rain

Lofi with rain is pretty much the perfect combo, so it’s fitting to include “Lofi Rain” by Nowyouknow on our top lofi songs list. Enjoy the soft sound of rain drizzling over these chill piano beats and get relaxing.

Discover more mindful beats from Nowyouknow here.

"warm feeling" by frumhere, kevatta

frumhere, kevatta – “warm feeling

“warm feeling” by frumhere & kevatta is one of the most iconic lofi songs used on YouTube. It’s like a warm cup of coffee on a rainy evening. This song is one of our most favorite lofi songs. Like ever.

Discover more beautiful lofi beats from frumhere on Thematic.

Lofi Music from Chief Takinawa - Caffe Latte

Chief Takinawa – “Caffe Latte

Soak up the cafe atmosphere with “Caffe Latte” by Chief Takinawa. This vibey lofi beat pairs well with a warm cup of coffee. Enjoy the light sounds of a coffee shop in the background while lingering on that cozy jazz feeling.

Check out more copyright free lofi beats from Chief Takinawa on Thematic.

Naomi - "Osaka"

Naomi – “Osaka

Naomi is one of our favorite lo-fi producers these days. She is a Japanese producer who is all about those cute beats. Her songs are so gentle and the perfect match for any aesthetic video.

Listen to more cute lofi beats from Naomi here.

"Where Do I Go" by ninjoi.

ninjoi. – “Where Do I Go

Joshua Batista (aka ninjoi.) is one of favorite lofi artists. We first discovered his music in the background of Michelle Phan’s YouTube videos and we haven’t stopped listening since. His melancholic tracks are the perfect medicine for the soul. Start with “Where Do I Go,” a calming lofi rain piano beat, and find yourself lost in the calming magic of ninjoi.’s music.

ninjoi.’s lofi songs are a favorite of vloggers for background music in YouTube videos. Listen and use his songs royalty free on Thematic here.

Lofi Music from Chinsaku: "Illuminate"

Chinsaku – “Illuminate

A lofi music playlist wouldn’t be complete without songs from Chinsaku. His chill hip hop beats set the perfect tone for that late night studying mood.

Enjoy copyright free songs from Chinsaku here.

Damien Sebe - "perfect day" chillhop music

Damien Sebe – “perfect day

Damien Sebe is a talented lofi & chillhop producer from South Africa. His specialty is a soulful nostalgic sound. You’ll find yourself slowly drifting away when listening to his chill music.

Dive in to Damien Sebe’s chill songs on Thematic here.

ZARG: "take off"

ZARG – “take off

Take a load off when listening to the peaceful sounds from ZARG. An independent music producer based out of Finland, ZARG’s chill songs are great for unwinding.

Listen to more aesthetic beats from ZARG.

Aesthetic Music from: Reggie San Miguel - Daydream

Mr. Jello – “A Cup of Jazz (feat. Cali.Arod, Farnell Newton)

Pour yourself a warm cup of jazz with this cozy music from Mr. Jello. The Mr. Jello project was created to shed light and happiness on the world, so it’s bound to put you in a good mood.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy beautiful lofi jazz beats from Mr. Jello.

Relaxing Instrumental Music - "Nostalgic" from Bmyshadow

Bmyshadow – “Nostalgic

Bmyshadow creates some of the most relaxing instrumental music out there. His song “Nostalgic” hits us right in the feels. It feels like the perfect song to match that late evening mood.

Chill out with more of Bmyshadow’s relaxing lofi beats.

"jazz guitar" from monomenu

monomenu – “jazz guitar

If you’re looking for chill instrumental beats, look no further than the songs from monomenu. His song “jazz guitar” is constantly on repeat on our lofi songs playlist. It’s off of his fried drums release, which is definitely worth a listen.

Take a listen to monomenu’s beautiful and thematic music.

"Gentle Downpour" from ystr

ystr – “Gentle Downpour

Feel like you’re floating away with this gentle and calming track from ystr. The talent behind ystr, Brian, describes himself as a creative mind from California, and you can definitely hear that creativity seeping through his music.

Float away with gentle and calming music from ystr.

Lofi songs from Juju B. Goode - "Day 9. Watermelon Arcade"

Juju B. Goode – “Day 9. Watermelon Arcade

We can’t help but smile when listening to “Day 9. Watermelon Arcade” from Juju B. Goode. It’s got a great upbeat vibe and pairs really well with everyday lifestyle YouTube vlogs.

Listen to more of Juju B. Goode’s vibey sounds.

"Lofi Good feeling" from Hiro Nakanishi

Hiro Nakanishi – “Lofi Good feeling

“Lofi Good feeling” is exactly what it sounds. With the sounds of a vibrant children’s playground in the distance, “Lofi Good feeling” has a youthful and nostalgic sound that will take you right back to the good old days.

Discover more lofi beats from Hiro Nakanishi.

Lian Kyla - "Forest Walk"

Lian Kyla – “Forest Walk

Both a singer-songwriter and music producer, Lian Kyla is a great new lofi artist to definitely add to your playlist. She makes chill and lofi music inspired by books, games, movies, and stories from her everyday life. Her songs are a great fit with painting and studying videos on YouTube.

Enjoy chill music from Lian Kyla on Thematic.

Lian Kyla - "Forest Walk"

frumhere – “so alone for so long

Join the sad beat sound club with our one of our lofi faves, frumhere. We honestly love all of frumhere’s lofi songs, but “so alone for so long” is a great place for new listeners to start.

Listen to more aesthetic lofi songs from frumhere.

Lian Kyla - "Forest Walk"

kevatta – “palm trees

You may have heard kevatta on their collab album with frumhere (“Bedtime Stories”), but we also recommend checking out his solo releases. Kevatta is a talented hip hop producer and his chill beats can take your mind to other worlds.

Vibe out to kevatta’s lofi beats here.

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