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Discover & download the best music for vlogs. Check out our top 10 copyright-free songs to soundtrack vlog videos on YouTube & social media ✌️

Written By Thematic Team

On December 1, 2023

Discover the best free music for vlogs in our top 10 list

Discover the Best Music for Vlogs on Thematic

Vlogs are one of the most popular styles of videos on YouTube. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best music for vlogs, featuring the top 10 songs to soundtrack your next vlog video on YouTube or Instagram ✌️

Vloggers are great at connecting with their audience and sharing elements of their life, day, and routine. That’s why the best music for vlogs are ones that help match the vibe or mood of the vlog. The songs you use in vlogs should complement your video footage and help capture your viewers’ attention so they keep watching, connect with your story, and subscribe.

This best music for vlogs playlist we’ve created features the top trending songs that are perfect for vlog intros, soundtracking montages and parts of your day, and adding overall style and vibe to your video.

The best part is, you can use these trending songs for vlogs copyright-free in YouTube videos and Shorts, Instagram videos and Reels, and across social media when using Thematic. Sign-up for a free Thematic account here to download these songs for free.

The Top 10 Songs & Music for Vlogs playlist:

Updated December 2023

"Lucky" by Fiji Blue

Fiji Blue – “Lucky

Fiji Blue’s songs are pure aesthetic goodness and absolutely perfect music for vlogs of all types. Their latest song “Lucky” is a great choice for upbeat and happy vlogs, travel vlogs, and daily routines.

Discover more great music for vlogs from Fiji Blue here.

"Nino's Bossa" by Citrus Avenue

Citrus Avenue – “Nino’s Bossa

For more a low-key, laid back vibe for your vlog, we recommended checking out “Nino’s Bossa” by Citrus Avenue. This Brazilian Jazz instrumental is super chill and great to use in the background of your next vlog video.

Listen to more jazzy instrumentals and lo-fi tunes from Citrus Avenue on Thematic.

"Flowers Lay" by Mei Anima

Mei Anima – “Flowers Lay

“Flowers Lay” by Mei Anima is a catchy song about summer and never wanting it to leave. Take one listen and you’ll immediately understand why this song is great for vlogs about enjoying summer and soaking in the sun.

Check out more fun and danceable pop songs from Mei Anima.

"Golden Idea" by Sam Celentano

Sam Celentano – “Golden Idea

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already heard of “Golden Idea” by Sam Celentano because it is all over YouTube in thousands of videos and vlogs. “Golden Idea” has this great chill and flowing sound with a great guitar melody.

Listen to more great instrumentals for vlogs from Sam Celentano here.

"Other day" by Dakkuma

Dakkuma – “Other day

Dakkuma is a talented producer who makes lofi and chill beats that are amazing music for vlogs. “Other day” is one of our faves because it feels cozy, and would be great for any evening vlog or get unready with me routine videos.

Chill out to more of Dakkuma’s relaxing lo-fi songs on Thematic here.

"Valentine" by LOVELOVELOVE


LOVELOVELOVE is one of our new favorite music artists from 2023. Their songs are super catchy and are bound to get stuck in your head. “Valentine” is one of their new music releases that is a perfect song for everyday lifestyle vlogs (and of course any Valentine’s Day videos).

Enjoy our fave songs from LOVELOVELOVE here.

"lifetime" by Au Gres

Au Gres – “lifetime

“lifetime” is a sweet song by Au Gres. Self-described as a little bit Lo-Fi, a little bit indie pop, Au Gres might just be your new favorite artist. Their music is a great fit for studying and travel vlogs and is a popular choice for week in my life videos.

Dive in to more dreamy songs by Au Gres here.

"been around" by Louise May

Louise May – “been around

If you’re looking for great music for vlogs, look no further than the songs from singer-songwriter Louise May. Her song “been around” is a cute acoustic love song and pairs well with chill and cozy vlogs.

Listen to more great songs from Louise May on Thematic here.

"Empty" by Mason Murphy

Mason Murphy – “Empty

Mason Murphy is a singer-songwriter that definitely needs to be on your playlist. His music has been featured all over YouTube by creators like Shane Dawson, Kayla Kosuga, and TheKellyYang. “Empty” is one of our favorite songs by Mason. It’s a laid-back, acoustic song and perfect music for chill vlogs.

Discover more trending songs by singer-songwriter Mason Murphy.

"Romantic Moon" by Naomi

Naomi – “Romantic Moon

Naomi is a music producer who creates some of the best lo-fi aesthetic and cute beats. “Romantic Moon” is a dreamy instrumental and a perfect fit for YouTube vlogs. Take one listen and we’ll sure you’ll understand why.

Chill out with more of Naomi’s cute lofi beats.

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