Discover the best free Halloween songs to soundtrack your YouTube videos

Enjoy this spooky playlist of the best no copyright Halloween music for your YouTube videos. These songs are creepy and provide a great soundscape for your Halloween videos.

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Icondark - das vampyrenstande (the vampiric condition

iconDARK – “Das Vampyrenstande (The Vampiric Condition)

iconDARK produces some of the best creepy soundscapes that are perfectly suited for Halloween videos. These songs provide perfect movie-like soundtracks to give YouTube videos that haunting feeling.

Listen to all of iconDARK’s creep instrumentals here. We highly recommend listening to his Nightmare Scenarios and The Fear Frequency releases to double down on those spooky sounds.

Spooky season 2 by tr3vtr0n is a perfect synth-heavy song for october

tr3vtr0n – “Spooky Season 2

The title says it all. “Spooky Season 2” by tr3vtr0n is a great background instrumental for that eerie Halloween vibe. The synths in this track give that perfect autumnal feeling that pairs well with any October videos. Hocus Pocus here we come!

If you’re a fan of this Halloween song, also check out the original “Spooky Season” by tr3vtr0n.

Nightmare november by fukushima boy

Fukushima Boy – “Nightmare November 04,2021

We’ll be having nightmares after listening to this song by Fukushima Boy. This “Nightmare” song sounds like walking through a haunted, abandoned building and provides the perfect soundtrack for any Halloween video meant to scare.

For more great Halloween-esque, nightmare-inducing songs from Fukushima Boy, check out their artist profile on Thematic.

Haunted child (music for halloween videos)

Tropicalmonroe – “haunted child

Are you afraid of the dark? “haunted child” by Tropicalmonroe provides a chilling track of a child’s vocals set to disturbing background music – a combo that’s bound to sure to unsettle your viewers.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Tropicalmonroe is a talented music producer and you can listen to more of his songs here.

1980s horror synthwave music, perfect for halloween videos

Splatter VHS – “BMX Escape

If you’re looking for that epic 80s Halloween sound, “BMX Escape” is the perfect Halloween song for you. This synth-heavy track makes us feel like we’re running for our lives and gives out all the synthwave Halloween horror you’ll ever need.

Splatter VHS specializes in synthwave and horror synth, so if 1980s horror and cyberpunk are your vibes, this is the artist for you.

"omen" by transfection

Transfection – “Omen

Haunting vocals delight in this eerie song by Transfection. “Omen” is a building electronic track infused with just the right amount of spook and perfect for any epic Halloween YouTube video.

For more great royalty free songs from Transfection, check out their profile on Thematic.

Dracula's monarch

Christopher Michael – “The Reading

“The Reading” is a spoken word track from Christopher Michael introducing you to Dracula’s Monarch. Set to violins that warn us of impending doom, this haunting song would work well as any Halloween YouTube video intro.

Check out more of Christopher Michael’s Dracula’s Monarch here.

"get it" is perfect for halloween videos

Snxxz3 – “Get It

For that epic electronic meets hip hop vibe, “Get It” from Snxxz3 needs to be on your Halloween music playlist. This song has metal sounds highlighting its ferocious beat and gets your heart pumping.

Snxxz3 is a talented hip hip / EDM produced based in Houston, TX – check out more of his songs on Thematic.

Spooky szn by tylerxcordy

TYLERxCORDY – “spooky szn

If you’re looking for a more chill vibe for your Halloween videos, “spooky szn” by TYLERxCORDY may be more of your vibe. “spooky szn” drips chill rap verses over an acoustic guitar and beat, and the lyrics are all about that spooky season of Halloween.

Listen to more of TYLERxCORDY’s raps on Thematic.

80s synthwave songs, perfect for halloween playlists

Crusader – “Rage of Streets

We’re wrapping up our Halloween playlist with one of our all-time faves: “Rage of Streets” by Crusader. This 1980s inspired synth track takes us right back to our favorite 80s horror films. So if you’re in search of an epic Halloween soundtrack for your YouTube videos, this is the song you need.

Vibe out to more of Crusader’s (aka Bloodpanic’s) 80s synthwave songs here.

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Best free halloween music for youtube videos

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Halloween music and songs for YouTube videos.

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