Discover the best aesthetic songs to soundtrack your YouTube videos

We’ve compiled a list of the best aesthetic songs for you to use in your videos with Thematic copyright free. These ambient, chill lofi songs are great for relaxing background music.

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frumhere, kevatta – “warm feeling

frumhere, kevatta - warm feeling

Fiji Blue – “Butterflies

Fiji Blue - Butterflies

ninjoi. – “Passin

ninjoi. - Passin

VALNTN – “Mona Lisa

VALNTN - "Mona Lisa"

Mr. Chase – “Wild Cherry

Mr. Chase - Wild Cherry

Reggie San Miguel – “Daydream

Reggie San Miguel - Daydream

Mark Generous – “Orange And Pomegranate

Mark Generous - Orange And Pomegranate

MYSM – “Soft Cream

MYSM - Soft Cream

Gil Wanders – “Dreams

Chinsaku – “Blossom

Chinsaku - Blossom

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