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Looking for aesthetic music for your videos? Get the top trending copyright-free aesthetic songs for Instagram Reels & YouTube with Thematic.

Written By Thematic Team

On October 2, 2023

Discover the best aesthetic music artists and songs for Reels and YouTube videos

Thematic Music: Aesthetic Songs

We’ve compiled a list of the best aesthetic music for you to use in your videos. These ambient, chill lofi songs are copyright-free and great as relaxing background music to any Instagram Reel or YouTube video. Whether you’re looking for aesthetic music for a vlog or as intro music on your YouTube channel, we’ve got you covered.

You can use these aesthetic songs in your videos copyright-free on YouTube, Instagram Reels, and social media when using Thematic. Sign-up for a free Thematic account here to download these songs for free.

Aesthetic Music from: frumhere, kevatta - warm feeling

frumhere, kevatta – “warm feeling

If frumhere & kevatta are not your aesthetic music playlist, it’s time to get them added. Spotify best describes frumhere’s sound as “a dreamlike form of lo-fi touched with the sweet haze of nostalgia.” Their music feels warm, fuzzy, and comforting. We’re a big fan of the collab album “Bedtime Stories,” but you really can’t go wrong with any of their releases.

Enjoy more aesthetic music from frumhere and kevatta on Thematic.

Aesthetic Music from: Fiji Blue - Lucky

Fiji Blue – “Lucky

Everybody loves Fiji Blue. We first heard their single “Butterflies” back in 2020 and haven’t stopped listening to their music since. Self-described as “sad boy chill house,” we find their music to be a perfect complement to any aesthetic playlist. In additional to “Lucky,” we recommend checking out their song “The Way That I Am.”

Aesthetic Music from: ninjoi. - Passin

ninjoi. – “Passin

If you’re a fan of lofi, ninjoi. needs to be on your playlist. Joshua Batista (aka ninjoi.) produces amazing mellow jazz hip-hop with the perfect amount of melancholy. “Passin” is one of his most popular songs, but we are fans of everything he releases. ninjoi.’s music is absolutely perfect as background music for aesthetic videos, vlogs, and intros.

You can check out all of ninjoi.’s songs that are royalty free for videos on Thematic.

Madeline Lauer - Silky

Madeline Lauer – “Silky

Words like sensual, calming, and addicting perfectly describe the beautiful music from Madeline Lauer. Madeline’s voice drips with passion across all of her songs, including our fave “Silky.” Her songs have a great mellow R&B aesthetic. Creators find her music to be a great soundtrack to any easy-going morning routine video.

Discover more aesthetic music from Madeline Lauer.

Aesthetic Music from: Public Library Commute - Across The Room

Public Library Commute – “Across The Room

The talent behind Public Library Commute (Conrad) makes some of the best indie bedroom pop music on the scene. His aesthetic songs are dreamy jams great for any hang session. His song “Across The Room” has been spinning our playlist lately, but we’re in love with all his songs (if we’re being honest).

Enjoy songs from Public Library Commute copyright free for YouTube with Thematic.

Aesthetic Music from: VALNTN - "Mona Lisa"

VALNTN – “Mona Lisa

VALNTN (aka Valentin Fritz) is one-half of Fiji Blue and a long time favorite of ours. His aesthetic song “Mona Lisa” (a collab with Peter Fenn and Tray Haggerty) was a breakout hit on Thematic, soundtracking thousand of aesthetic videos across YouTube and Instagram. In addition to Fiji Blue and VALNTN, you can also check out Val’s vocal songs under his “love, val” project.

Explore more great songs from VALNTN.

Aesthetic Music from: Mr. Chase - Wild Cherry

Mr. Chase – “Wild Cherry

Mr. Chase’s music is the perfect match for your chill workflow vibes. One of our favorite songs, “Wild Cherry,” found itself trending in YouTube vlogs and aesthetic video edits after being featured in Michelle Phan’s lofi Magic Hour Radio playlist.

We definitely recommend adding Mr. Chase’s music to your daily soundtrack.

Aesthetic Music from: Reggie San Miguel - Daydream

Reggie San Miguel – “Daydream

Reggie San Miguel is known for his unique flute sound that drips across his lofi jazz beats. “Daydream” is Reggie’s song that finds itself as the soundtrack to thousands of videos across YouTube. The melancholic yet soothing sound lends itself perfectly as background music for chill vlogs and YouTube videos.

Listen to jazzy aesthetic songs from Reggie on Thematic.

Goosetaf - Bumblebee

Goosetaf – “Bumblebee

Seattle-based Goosetaf has a signature sound mixing old school hip-hop with modern beats. His songs, including our fave “Bumblebee,” provide the perfect mellow soundtrack for just about anything – from background music while studying or relaxing, to chilling with friends and vibing.

Explore the sonic palette of Goosetaf.

Aesthetic Music from: Mark Generous - Orange And Pomegranate

Mark Generous – “Orange And Pomegranate

You’ve most likely heard “Orange And Pomegranate” in the intro of many YouTube videos by now. Mark Generous, the producer behind this vibey sound, is a hip-hop producer based in Canada. His mellow beats make for a great study with me playlist.

We also recommend checking out his songs “Meganne,” “August Rush,” and “Generocity” for that lofi jazz aesthetic.

Aesthetic Music from: MYSM - Soft Cream

MYSM – “Soft Cream

MYSM is a breakout producer of indie electro music. His songs give out a great low-key vibe, and because of that, his aesthetic music has become a favorite among vloggers.

MYSM has a great selection of songs on Thematic – from cute songs like “Visiting You” to nostalgic gems like “Look At Those Clouds,” you’re guaranteed to find a song you love.

Aesthetic Music from: Gil Wanders - Dreams

Gil Wanders – “Dreams

If you’ve listened to any lofi playlist on Spotify, you’ve most likely heard of Gil Wanders. Gil’s chill songs are great for relaxing, studying, or just vibing out. His song “Dreams” is a fan favorite on Thematic, as creators and vloggers love using his music in their YouTube videos.

Listen to more aesthetic lofi songs from Gil Wanders.

Aesthetic Music from: Chinsaku - Blossom

Chinsaku – “Blossom

We first discovered the amazing music from Chinsaku through Michelle Phan’s YouTube channel, and we’ve been fans ever since. Chinsaku’s songs have the perfect coffee shop vibes. His song “Blossom,” for example, is super calming and really just delightful.

Discover more chill songs from lofi producer Chinsaku.

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