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Download the best feel good music for videos - upbeat songs with happy vibes. Use these songs copyright-free on YouTube videos and vlogs.

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On August 31, 2023

Discover the best feel good music and upbeat songs for YouTube videos

Thematic Music: Feel Good Songs

We’ve compiled a list of the best feel good music and upbeat songs that you can use royalty free in YouTube videos. These happy songs give off good vibes and are perfect as background music in any YouTube video. Whether you’re creating a travel vlog or everyday lifestyle routine, this feel good playlist has all the songs you’ll need.

You can use these uppbeat and feel good songs in videos copyright-free on YouTube and social media when using Thematic. Sign-up for a free Thematic account to download these songs for free.

Let’s dive in to the best feel good music playlist:

"Lucky" by Fiji Blue

Fiji Blue – “Lucky

You’ll definitely be feeling lucky in no time once you listen to Fiji Blue’s addicting song “Lucky.” This upbeat, chill pop song leaves you with an infectious feel-good vibe. If you’re feeling carefree and ready to take on the day with a big smile on your face, this song is for you.

Listen to “Lucky” by Fiji Blue on Thematic here.

"Pretty" by Lukey

Lukey – “Pretty

Lukey’s music is hard to describe due to its unique, eclectic nature. His song “PRETTY” combines elements of hip-hop, pop, and indie to create a light-hearted vibe that pairs perfectly in any situation that calls for a fun, sunny day aesthetic.

Discover more upbeat songs from Lukey.

Listen to "Yesterdays" by Public Library Commute on Thematic

Public Library Commute – “Yesterdays

Public Library Commute is one of our favorite chill pop singers. Enjoy their newest song “Yesterdays” for a totally feel good vibe. Whether it’s playing in the background at the coffee shop, at the beach, or in your YouTube video, this song will serve as a great soundtrack.

Check out Public Library Commute’s songs on Thematic.

Martox - "Debajo Del Sol"

Martox – “Debajo Del Sol

If you like Spanish music, you will love Martox’s “Debajo Del Sol.” This song wonderfully encapsulates that stress-free, feel-good feeling. This, in combination with its beautiful lyrics, pleases the ears and the heart. 

Discover more of Martox’s feel good songs, royalty-free on Thematic.

"swipe left, swipe right" by solukewarm! on Thematic

solukewarm! – “swipe left, swipe right

solukewarm! skillfully meshes pop and indie/alternative to curate an incredibly unique sound that uplifts the soul. In addition to his own vocals, solukewarm! also produces his own songs. His talent certainly comes through in “swipe left, swipe right” which features a playful, cheerful beat that makes the song so great.

Enjoy copyright free songs from solukewarm! here.

Alexis Rice - "Just a Boy"

Alexis Rice – “Just a Boy

Right off the bat, Alexis Rice pulls in listeners with her angelic voice in her song “Just a Boy.” Despite the lyrics that highlight the ups and downs of relationships, she still creates a feel-good ambiance that makes it great to listen to, as well as relate to.

Discover more songs from Alexis Rice on Thematic.

Nico Anuch - "Good Vibes"

Nico Anuch – “Good Vibes

The title says it all! Nico Anuch undoubtedly serves good vibes with this tropical, instrumental beat. This song would pair perfectly with a video montage, YouTube intro, or anything of the like. 

Enjoy songs from Nico Anuch for your YouTube videos on Thematic.

Upbeat, feel good music from Landon Cube on Thematic: "Down & Out (feat. SypSki & lil rxspy)"

Landon Cube – “Down & Out (feat. SypSki & lil rxspy)

Landon Cube seems to have mastered the classic pop song with “Down & Out.” His amazing voice sounds like it belongs on the radio and the features are perfect additions. Even if you are feeling “down & out,” that will change after listening to this song.

Discover songs from Landon Cube on Thematic.

"Feelin' Good" by VirgoZilla Beatz

VirgoZilla Beatz – “Feelin’ Good

If you like synths and sassy beats, this song is definitely for you. VirgoZilla Beatz’s song “Feelin’ Good” will make you feel stylish and pretty in no time. Enjoy this instrumental beat in the background whenever you’re feeling yourself or just looking for a good vibe.

Vibe out with VirgoZilla Beatz’s feel good songs.

"In This Room" by Olive B

Olive B – “In This Room

“In This Room” by Olive B may be one of the best feel-good songs on this list! Slowly building up in the beginning, the beat drop activates a sense of empowerment while listening. Not only does it have good vibes, but it’s chill and relaxing at the same time.

Take a listen to Olive B’s feel good music on Thematic.

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Thematic has the largest collection of free feel good songs to use in your videos. Enjoy these songs copyright free and royalty free when using Thematic. Sign-up for a free Thematic account and get access to the best free feel good beats for videos.

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