I’m excited to share the opportunity to invest in Thematic. It’s important to me to empower the next generation of content creators and music artists and help them drive the future of the creative economy.

I’ve always invested in things that I believe in, and with Thematic, it was to solve an existing problem I had as a content creator. Music is very important to me in my storytelling process, but I would often waste so much time trying to find the right song or run into rights issues that led to demonetization, or in my case, litigation.

With Thematic, I wanted to provide an easier way to connect content creators and music artists and bring these communities together. It’s so exciting for me to see so many videos being created daily and so many connections happening both digitally and in real life. Can you believe over 36,000 videos have been soundtracked through Thematic generating 1.9B music streams and 800,000 new fans for artists!? And we’re just getting started!

If you’re ready to embark on this journey, now is the time for you to invest and build Thematic with us.

When I say that this platform is built by creators, for creators, I truly mean it.

We want to answer to YOU.

I look forward to building the future with you, thank you.

Vntw3—Michelle Phan Co-Founder, Thematic