Best Royalty Free Instrumental Music for Videos (No Vocals)

Discover the best royalty free instrumental music for YouTube videos. These no vocals songs are free to download as background music for videos.

Written By Thematic Team

On September 18, 2023

Discover the best instrumental music artists and songs for YouTube videos

Thematic Music: Instrumental Songs

If you’re on the hunt for the best royalty free instrumental songs to use as background music in YouTube videos, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of the top free instrumental songs that you can use royalty free in YouTube videos. These popular and royalty free “no vocals” music tracks are perfect as background music in practically any YouTube video. These instrumentals can set the tone and make a great soundtrack for your video without disrupting your voiceover. Whether you’re making a daily routines video or a DIY or tutorial video, this instrumental playlist has all the vocal-free songs you’ll need.

You can use these instrumental songs in videos copyright free on YouTube, Instagram, and social media when using Thematic. Sign-up for a free Thematic account to download these high quality instrumental songs and tons more music from the best new music artists.

Let’s jump in and immerse ourselves in some instrumentals:

"Peaceful" by Helkimer

Helkimer – “Peaceful

The name says it all! This relaxing yet uplifting instrumental beat will make your mind and soul feel at peace. Basically, the smooth, gentle melody would pair perfectly with any scenario that calls for mellow, yet positive vibes. “Peaceful” is super calming and a great song.

Listen to more instrumental beats from Helkimer on Thematic.

"Fish Tank" by tr3vtr0n

tr3vtr0n – “Fish Tank

tr3vtr0n creates an incredibly unique experience with the song “Fish Tank.” The futuristic, almost other-worldly aura of the instrumentals slowly builds up to what becomes an electric beat. This song will make anyone feel as if they’re traveling through outer space. Two thumbs up from us.

Discover more instrumental music by tr3vtr0n.

"yet to come" by ZARG on Thematic

ZARG – “yet to come

If you like songs with piano or songs that set the tone for some nice sunset watching, this song is for you! “yet to come” by ZARG embodies just what any great instrumental should be. It is the perfect background music for the soundtrack of your life.

Check out ZARG songs on Thematic.

Mark Generous music on Thematic

Mark Generous, Jasper The Cat – “Brainwaves

This mellifluous beat combines hints of lofi and chill r&b to create the ultimate chill-out song. Enjoy Mark Generous and Jasper The Cat’s “Brainwaves” while drifted off to sleep or unwinding after a long day. Obviously, this instrumental would also be great for any aesthetic videos. For example, it would do quite well in videos about meditation, nature, or art.

Discover more of Mark Generous’s instrumental beats.

Listen to Shore Drive on Thematic

Shore Drive – “More Than Enough

Looking to get in your feels? Slightly sad and moody, “More Than Enough” by Shore Drive truly brings out the most nostalgic of vibes. Whether you are taking a late-night drive, contemplating life, or simply find comfort in melancholy, this instrumental will surely enhance the experience.

Enjoy copyright free songs from Shore Drive on Thematic.

scott young - "the throne"

scott young – “the throne

Attention electronic music lovers! “the throne” by scott young is a must add to any house, techno, or bass playlist. For example, not only does the bass of the beat by itself put you in a trance, but the eclectic background sound effects complete the experience, making this the perfect rave or club song.

Discover more instrumental electronic songs from scott young.

"Move Like That" by Brent Weatherly

Brent Weatherly – “Move Like That

If you like dubstep and all things wubz, you will love Brent Weatherly’s “Move Like That.” This instrumental fits neatly under the category of sub low, featuring heavy rhythmic patterns and overwhelming bass lines. You will definitely “Move Like That,” bass face and head jerking guaranteed.

Enjoy songs from Brent Weatherly for your YouTube videos on Thematic.

Instrumental music from Juan Sánchez on Thematic

Juan Sánchez – “Paris Walks

On a very contrasting note, this piano driven instrumental will make you feel like you are the main character in your own movie. Romantic tones and emotions come through strongly in Juan Sanchez’s accurately named song “Paris Walks.”

Discover songs from Spanish music producer Juan Sánchez on Thematic.

"Night Ride" by TED.E

TED.E – “Night Ride

Euphoric is the first word that comes to mind when listening to “Night Ride” by TED.E. The production curates a very distinct, animated feeling that is hard to describe other than what the title suggests. This instrumental perfectly encapsulated what it would feel like to experience an exhilarating, one-in-a-lifetime moment, just like a blissful night ride.

Vibe out with instrumental beats from TED.E.

"Machine Void Prophecy" by KatalitiK

KatalitiK – “Machine Void Prophecy

“Machine Void Prophecy” by KatalitiK will instantly grab your attention with its metallic, machine-like instrumentals. This hard-style edm beat will definitely get your engine revved. It will have you ready to crush that workout or release any pent-up anger.

Take a listen to KatalitiK’s music on Thematic.

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Thematic has the largest collection of free instrumental songs to use in your videos. Enjoy these songs copyright free and royalty free when using Thematic – it’s music licensing made easy. Sign-up for a free Thematic account and get access to the best free instrumental beats for videos.

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