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Join the waiting list to get your music featured in videos created by our tastemaker community to reach new listeners and grow your fanbase. It’s 100% free to you and we’ll even collect and distribute 100% of your royalties earned through UGC.

Our artists are crushing it!

In the few short months we’ve been in private beta with only a select few artists, we’ve already seen astounding success.

Total Plays

Total Audience Reach

Total Plays

Total Audience Reach

Free Promo for Your Music

Submit your music for placement in creator videos and watch your audience grow! Creators are the new radio stations and points of music discovery for their viewers. The best part? Promotion on Thematic is free!

Our Creator Network

Tired of sending emails to creators in hopes of having your music featured in their videos? We’ve partnered with Michelle Phan’s ipsyOS network of beauty & lifestyle creators to make it easy to get your music in front of some of the most influential creators on YouTube.

You get 100% of UGC Revenue

You heard that right! We’ll monetize all of the user generated content that features your music and give you 100% of the money we collect.

Michelle Phan has been promoting music artists for years

“I am passionate about finding undiscovered and talented artists, and I want to help those artists get to the next level by providing a new way to reach fans.”

Music by Oh Wonder – “Body Gold (Delusion Remix)

Artists Find Success With Thematic

Click here to see some of the thousands of videos our creators have made featuring our artists’ music.

Sound good?

*To opt-in your music for Thematic, you need to make sure you control the rights to your music (both the master recording and publishing) or have the permission of all the rightsholders.
**In order to promote your music in the creator videos, we need the right to administer that music on YouTube (the sound recording)

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