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The Benefits of Joining Thematic

Music supervision for your videos

We’ll help you to find the best songs to tell your story. Consider us your personalized music supervisor, constantly discovering new music artists and tracks for your videos.

Monetize your videos

You can monetize all of your videos featuring music from our library while you are a member of Thematic. Your videos will not be claimed for the music and will not be taken down.

Collaborate with the artists

Team up with your favorite artists to make great content! All of the artists on Thematic are excited to work with creators like you and see the videos you create using their music.

We keep it fresh with the newest tracks!

Explore our catalog of the latest tracks from your favorite artists.

Trusted by creators like you!

Michelle wanted to build a tool for creators, by creators. Our commitment to the community is our driving force.

"It used to take me hours to find good music for my videos, but now I'm easily discovering music that's inspiring me to create more content."

-Laura Sanchez

"Thematic is probably the best thing to come along for music artists since Patreon!"

-Peter Hollens

"I don't want other creators to have to go through what I went through!"

-Michelle Phan

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