Pre-cleared songs for your videos!

Thematic is offering Gushcloud clients access to use great music from real artists in their videos for free. Just include the provided promo links when you publish your videos to activate your music license.

Why Thematic?

We’re all about connecting the creator and music artist communities.

How it Works

Unlock Access

Click on the Unlock button above and sign-in with your Google account to get access to Thematic. Once you’re in, connect all the YouTube channels to which you’ll be posting content and you’ll be ready to go!


Find the perfect song

Our proprietary curation algorithm provides you with super-curated song recommendations, personalized just for you.


Post your video

Include your unique song promo links in your description or caption when posting your videos featuring the song and we’ll make sure your videos are claim-free so you can monetize fully!

Built by the community, for the community.

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Did we mention it’s free?

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