“I am passionate about finding undiscovered and talented artists, and I want to help those artists get to the next level by providing a new way to reach fans.”


Michelle launches her YouTube channel

Michelle posted her first makeup tutorial in 2007 after receiving requests from her beauty blog on Xanga. Within its first week, her video hit 40,000 views and she started posting regularly on YouTube.

2008 – 2016

Michelle collaborates with music artists

Music artists and labels reach out to Michelle to collaborate and share music. Michelle begins creating tutorials around music and uses the music to help tell her stories.

2008 – Present

Michelle exposes music to millions

Michelle’s videos provide a platform for artist discovery, exposing music artists to new fans and driving music streams, downloads, and video views.



Ultra Records sues Michelle


So what did she decide to do?

Create a community where you can find great music from real artists for your videos.